Society For Gastroenterlogy And Hepatology In Nigeria


SOGHIN is a National Association of Medical Professionals involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) and the Liver. There are over 300 members comprising specialists like Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists, Haematologists, Parasitologists, General Surgeons, Histopathologists, Pediatricians, Pharmacists, Nurses, and Medical Laboratory Scientists.

The society was inaugurated in September 2007 at Port Harcourt by the merger of two truly dynamic associations –the West African Society of Gastroenterology (WASOG) and the Association for the Study of the Liver in Nigeria (ASLIN). SOGHIN members are present in all Federal Teaching Hospitals, many Federal Medical Centers, State Teaching and General Hospitals, and Private Hospitals from every region of Nigeria. Members in the diaspora also contribute to the organization. Associate members include specialists in postgraduate medical training programs such as senior registrars.

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